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Ideal for those at risk of hip dislocation and suitable for all levels of instability, the Hiptric™ applies a dynamic abduction force, so that the femoral head remains in the socket. This user friendly, low profile device is barely noticeable to others when in place. It is also comfortable to wear, made of a breathable fabric that conforms to suit the user’s anatomy.

Indications for Use

  • Primary arthroplasty patients at risk of dislocation
  • Post operative revision patients
  • Preventative use
  • Inoperable hip abnormalities


  • Venous insufficiency
  • Coxitis

Features and Benefits

  • Low profile (can be worn under clothing)
  • Hinge free design provides dynamic abduction force throughout full range
  • Unique sliding joint follows anatomical hip movement
  • Modular system allows for an optimal user fit
  • Simple fastening design for easy application
  • Universal frame facilitates minimal stock requirements in clinic

Required Measurements

  • Circumference at iliac crest height
  • Length from greater trochanter to mid patella level


Hiptric Softgoods (including pelvic and thigh straps)

Size Waist Circ. (at iliac crests) Left Right
 Small  75 - 90cm  980102  980112
 Medium  90 - 105cm  980103  980113
 Large  105 - 125cm  980104  980114
 X-Large  125 - 140cm  980105  980115

Hiptric Frame

Size Leg length (Greater trochanter to mid-patella) Universal
 Small  37 - 41cm  980121
 Medium  41 - 44cm  980122
 Large  44 - 47cm  980123


Replacement liners (thigh pad and leg cuff)  980200
Replacementstops  980201