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Universal Thumb Spica

Universal Thumb Spica


Össur's Universal Thumb Spica delivers improved clinical outcomes through functional designs. In addition, we help you reduce your inventory which improves your business outcomes.

  • An adjustable strap pod provides universal sizing from XS to XL
  • Thumb fastener adjust size and fit of the brace
  • Stretchable Lycra tongue on the dorsal side leads to simple and comfortable application for the injured thumb
  • Middle, circumferential strap wraps completely around the wrist for superior support and compression
  • Breathable foam and lining reduces heat in the brace

Gamekeeper’s Thumb, DeQuervain’s Tendonitis, post cast healing, selected scaphoid injuries and soft-tissue injuries


Universal Thumb Spica
Part# Wrist U/M.
U.S. and foreign patent pending
W-501000 Left 1
W-501001 Right 1
W-5010006 Left 6
W-5010016 Right 6