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Össur's Prosthetic Solutions offering

Össur’s prosthetics line includes artificial limbs and related products for amputees. Breakthrough technologies have contributed to a leading range of prosthetic solutions with an emphasis on clinical outcomes and quality of life.

Össur offers a full spectrum of premium lower-limb prosthetic products, including mechanical knees and feet and silicone liners. Established Össur brands include Flex-Foot®, Iceross®, Total Knee® and Mauch®, all synonymous with high-quality prosthetic design.

Bionic Technology by Össur

Össur’s state-of-the-art bionic technology combines mechanics and electronics to effectively mimic the amputee’s natural sensory and motor control functions. This advanced technology helps to reproduce accurately certain functions that have been lost due to amputation.

Bionic Technology by Össur currently features four superior prosthetic products: RHEO KNEE® 3, POWER KNEE™, PROPRIO FOOT® and SYMBIONIC® LEG, the first commercially available complete bionic system consisting of a prosthetic knee and ankle. These unique, intelligent and instinctive products utilize the very latest in artificial intelligence.

The Flex-Foot® range

The industry standard in carbon fiber prosthetic feet, Flex-Foot continues to set performance benchmarks in its field.

People of every age, size and activity level depend on the strength, stability and flexibility that are the accepted signature of Össur’s Flex-Foot designs.

Our range spans low-impact feet specifically designed for those with diabetic or vascular complications through to high performance feet offering outstanding shock absorption.

Mechanical Knees

Combining first-class quality and technological innovation, Össur has created some of the world’s most advanced prosthetic knees.

For secure and stable knees designed to suit all levels of activity and varying lifestyles, Össur remains the go-to destination.

Iceross® Liners and Sleeves

Offering a comfortable and superior suspension system, Iceross silicone liners form the foundation for optimum prosthetic performance.

Iceross silicone liners help to stabilize soft tissues and minimize pistoning (stretching), while enhancing comfort and blood circulation.

Össur’s range of Iceross liners has been carefully designed to accommodate differences in limb size and condition, as well as user lifestyles.